How will Climate change affect tourism and what can we do about it?


Lorraine Jenks

Climate Reality Leader, sustainability facilitator and ethical food activist

Founder CEO Hotelstuff/Greenstuff

Charles Darwin said “It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who survive: It is those most adaptable to change.”

Phrases like “going green, sustainability and carbon footprint” have become tired, hackneyed clichés. Recycling plastic is a scam. Short showers, paper bags and bamboo straws are short-term solutions.

Climate Reality Leader, sustainability facilitator and ethical food activist, Lorraine will share 50 years of activism, lessons and hope.

A Montessori teacher by profession, Lorraine’s sustainability journey began in California in 1970, working with the infant Environmental Protection Agency. Then back home, she was Procurement Manager for Africa’s largest hotel chain for 15 years and tried to “green” their supply chain. She went solo and trained under the United Nations Eco-Labelling Project, the National Cleaner Production Programme, Green Building Council’s Interior Design and Décor, Green Leaf carbon auditing and Climate Reality with Former US Vice President, Al Gore.
As a member of Slow Food International, Lorraine has a special interest in the future of food in the face of climate collapse.

Winner of 18 awards for her tireless work in creating awareness and for her green home and hotel exhibition projects, with her indomitable team, she manages two leading online directories, specialising in green products and services. Lorraine he will help you make better choices, future proof your business, understand the challenges and feel more in control of our uncertain future.