Waste Not Want Not, a Winery Perspective


Diony Lalieu

Research Psychologist, surf addict & environmental activist

After obtaining an MA in Research Psychology from the University of Stellenbosch, Diony’s focus shifted to consumer psychology. For 18 years she honed her skills as a qualitative researcher, focusing on fast moving consumable goods for many local as well as large multinational clients, both in South Africa as well as across the African continent.

However, after years of getting to understand what inclines consumers to purchasing more and more ‘stuff’, the notion of feeding into a throw away culture starting wearing on her conscience. Life as a mother of two young girls combined with her unabated passion for surfing and the ocean, have since shifted her focus towards preserving the world and its natural beauty for a generation to come. And so in 2018, and in response of an ocean full of poor plastic decisions, Ocean Pledge was born.