Where to for growth:
Opportunities for South African wine
in Sub-Saharan Africa

Mac Mabidilala

Strategic Marketing Specialist

Mac is the founder at Pengo Insight, Head of Research at Trade Intelligence.  He is a passionate Africa optimist, knowledge broker, and entrepreneur, with experience having worked in 15 African countries over the past decade. He is Head of Research at Trade Intelligence, the trusted source for retail research and capability solutions in South Africa and beyond, and also the Founder of Pengo Insight, a leading knowledge marketplace company, providing global investment and advisory firms with access to local subject matter expertise and strategic insight on industries, companies, and markets in Africa and the Middle East.

Mac is an alumni of the University of Stellenbosch business school where he graduated with an MBA specializing in Strategy and Innovation. His thesis was titled “Developing luxury selling competence with local distributors in Emerging Markets with a focus on Sub-Saharan Africa countries. Mac loves food and wine, and has interests in wine and olive oil retail and export, his desire is to bring together his passion for knowledge creation and sharing into these verticals to inspire growth and opportunity that will drive the industry forward.