Future challenges and opportunities


Pamela McOnie

Founder Cape Fusion Tours

Pamela McOnie founded Cape Fusion Tours in 2003. It represents a convergence of all of her passions in life – food, wine, creativity, travel, history, people and the Cape. From the beginning – all of Cape Fusion tour options had a gourmet slant. Pam also made her website into a hub where foreigners and travel partners could use the website to mine for information on where to eat and play in Cape Town.

About 7 years ago Pam took the plunge and launched the first foodie walking tour of Cape Town City.

What wonderful timing – the city was just starting to emerge from a run-down cocoon into the city we have today – where we now play, eat and live. Walking the streets daily gave Pam a real insider track to the metamorphosis that would happen.

This tour took over Pam’s world and her little company started to rapidly expand. The world had become foodies and people now want to learn about a destination through its cuisine and its people. The Cape Fusion Tours family now has 4 full-time guides (including me!), a freelancer who is rapidly heading towards a full-time position and a full-time office operations manager.