The Effect of Easy Air Access on Wine Tourism


Kevin Campbell

Delta Account Manager

“My entire working life has revolved around the travel industry and aviation………initially because my dream was to see the world. Started my airline career with UTA French Airlines, which became Air France, which evolved into Air France KLM and now with Delta Air Lines, where I have been since 2017. Am very blessed to be working for Delta Air Lines, with its unique culture and work ethics and the feeling that all employees are part of the Delta Family. Delta has been flying into South Africa for over 16 years, but the newly revised routing, which includes Cape Town, has added a new dimension to the South African route. This opens up new opportunities for Delta in the country.

My current position is that of Delta Account Manager – Western Cape and Namibia, based in Cape Town, being responsible for all sales activity in this area.. This affords me ongoing contact with the travel industry players and preferred trade partners, but also importantly to source opportunities and service corporate business. Have been an avid wine lover for many years………open to all the cultivars, but I still show a preference for red wines…….the bolder, the better. Having said that, to enjoy wine on its own, or as an accompaniment to a hearty and delicious meal, it is always a joyous occasion. Cheers!!!!!”